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It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Vin Garbutt passed away on the morning of 6th June 2017 from unexpected complications following major heart surgery. He was 69. Our condolences to his wife, Pat, and to their children, their children's partners and all Vin and Pat's grandchildren. Words cannot express the loss of such a good friend and unique entertainer whose brilliance touched so many around the world. To say he will be missed is a massive understatement.

This page remains as a tribute.

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Vin Garbutt was a lovely man and a good friend. He was one of the most sought-after and best loved performers on the music scene today. His song writing was witty and powerful, with a clear social conscience, and he was a distinctive singer, an accomplished guitarist and fine whistle player. Vin performed nationally and internationally, non-stop, from 1969 to 2017. His songs always remained fresh and vibrant, and his repertoire was always changing. Vin was genuinely funny, and his quirky observations of life were always very much part of the act, delighting audiences everywhere.

WINNER of BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards "Best Live Act" Award 2001
"Powerful, hugely moving, warm, humane, inspired, funny and gut wrenchingly honest. These are just some of the superlatives used to describe Vin's performance. This international, award winning, singer songwriter is completing  his 40th year on the road. He is for ever in demand and his shows are continually sell outs. Get your tickets early!"

"The diversity and controversial nature of his powerful, thought provoking self-penned songs performed with passion, integrity and a sincere belief in the subject matter earn him universal respect. Add to this his wealth of traditional songs, fun songs, fine musicianship, a zany rare wit, with introductions which could send his audiences "rolling in the aisles", and you have the ingredients for the perfect recipe for success." - Folk on Tap

Vin Garbutt, Lichfield, 2016

Review, Lichfield, 2016

" Vin entertained the audience for two hours with great songs, both new (Christmas hits off the new album, Synthetic Hues!) and from his extensive back-catalogue, accompanied by the kind of history and life lessons which should be taught in schools but never seem to be. He makes you laugh, he makes you think and invites you to ponder on man’s inhumanity to man. And he makes you realise why the welcome was so warm."

"The most sought after Act on the scene today. ‘House Full!’ signs are the norm. Because of his popularity, life is one long tour for Vin..... doing what folk singers have done for ages and ages - presenting a different view to that expressed by the media. Vin Garbutt entertains in a unique manner. All his songs are quite serious in content, but the same cannot be said of his introductions! I cannot think of anybody, other than Mike Elliott, who can get away with fifteen minute introductions to a five minute song. Not only does he add new songs to his repertoire but he adds bits to his introductions as well. Half the fun on some of his numbers is spotting the story he has told you in the song he is singing, artistic license is an understatement to say the least!" - Music World

 "Lump-in-the-throat" moment came when Vin Garbutt scored the first standing ovation in the history of the festival which was this year celebrated its ruby anniversary. This performance saw Vin back at the top of his game [after his illness], cracking jokes, singing sublimely, telling stories, and even playing a whistle which a heart operation had prevented him from doing so when he last graced the Stainsby stage three years ago. The audience hung on every word, roaring with laughter at his tales of Antipodean adventures and the differences between English and Australian pronunciation, lapping up stories of Geordies and wallowing in songs like Morning Informs On My Dreaming and the magnificent When Oppressed Becomes Oppressor."
-  Gay Bolton, Derbyshire Times

See Vin on Youtube

Vin Garbutt - Morning Informs on my Dreaming

Vin Garbutt at Woodford Folk Festival 2007

Vin Garbutt - Not for the First Time - recorded 2006

Vin Garbutt - What's the Use of Wings
(Song by Brian Bedford)