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UnTangled Againie Parrish Ritchie

Programme Notes:

For years, Steve Ritchie, Al Parrish and Rob Ritchie rocked the UK folk music scene as the rhythm section of the Canadian powerhouse band Tanglefoot (Best Vocal Group, 2007 Canadian Folk Music Awards).

Now the three best friends, along with percussionist/singer/songwriter Beaker Granger, have re-connected as R-P-R. RPR has a sound that echoes with the legacy of Tanglefoot while expanding the envelope. Their music, storytelling, humour and high-spirited stage presence bubble over with that same combination of aggressive enthusiasm, personality and that made Tanglefoot famous.

Whether it's an original country song of Al's, Steve's recollection of a Robert Plant version of an old Dylan tune or Rob's incisive musical humour, all the trademark harmony, chemistry, enthusiasm and impact are all there!

"This superb band gave not just of their friendship, but blew us away totally. They are not 'very good', just stunning and brilliant." Chris Simpson - Magna Carta

"They sing raucously and passionately with big stirring harmonies....at times with roaring vigour at others with sparse intensity, creating many moods...songs full of humour, pathos and love." The Beat Magazine, March 2013.


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RPR at Meaford 2015