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The idea started in North America but it works here in the UK as well. Put on a concert featuring your favourite artists. Ask for a donation for the artist from everyone attending (£10 - £15 depending on circumstances and the size of your living room.) Invite your friends and have a great up-close-and-personal musical experience.

Your house is not a venue, so you can't charge for tickets, which is why you ask your invited friends to donate towards the artist. You don't retain any of the donations, it all goes to the artist. What you get out of it is a great party with amazing music, live in your living room, friends who will think you're brillianr for enabling them to see such great artists up close and personal, and the satisfaction of knowing that you've become a grass-roots patron of the arts.

If the artist is on tour it's a huge help if you can fill in a night that would otherwise be blank on their calendar. I've put on house concerts myself, it's brilliant. Please enquire. I'll talk you through it.

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