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Over The Moon

Acoustic Roots/Swing Duo

Award winning vocal and multi instrumentalists

Own Website: www.overthemoonband.com

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Over the Moon

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Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! ”— Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio Wales

“Together their voices have a timeless quality that suits this earthy music perfectly." — Paul Jackson, FATEA Magazine U.K.

“The very essence of traditional vountry-folk at its finest. Soothing for the soul and a glimpse into the ethereal.”— Editor, Maverick Magazine, UK

“This husband-and-wife duo have created an album that's almost as charming as their Alberta's foothills home. It's no wonder you can virtually feel the love.”— Mike Sadava, Penguin Eggs Magazine

“There's so much to enjoy here. ”— Spencer Leigh, COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE Magazine, U.K.

“Moondancer, their debut album just oozes with integrity and charm. The interplay is simply glorious!”— Marc Higgins, Northern Sky Magazine U.K.

“Their voices blend as if they were born to sing together.”— Mike Morrison, American Roots U.K.




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