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From spring 2022 Keith Donnelly is available with the lovely Lauren South. This gives Keith the opportunity to air some of his more serious songs and to play for Lauren's beautiful singing.

"A star-quality act ready to take the folk scene by storm." Pete Willow

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Keith's Own Website

Watch a live performance at about 42 minutes into this concert

Keith and LaurenKeith Donnelly, one of the most popular, and, yes slightly crazy, figures in the folk world, teams up with the scene’s most exciting new voice - Lauren South. Keith’s superb songwriting and guitar-playing too often take a back seat to his onstage madcappery. Not so in this duo (he promises!). Lauren’s stunning vocals on Keith’s songs, her own originals, as well as the odd ‘trad’ song, not forgetting her violin, guitar and Shruti box playing, never fail to ‘wow’ audiences wherever she goes.

Lauren, from Rugby, formerly fronted the trio Greengrass, and has a voice somewhere between Katie Rusby and Cara Dillon.

Although this new combo might at first raise a few eyebrows, anyone who ever saw Keith work with Dark Horses, Nothing by Chance, or indeed (back in the day) Waterfall, won’t be too surprised to see him jump at the chance to work with a vocalist like Lauren. Anyone who’s heard these musicians separately will hopefully be as thrilled as we are to see the launch of this new duo.

Keith says - ‘This is probably the most important new duo since Steve Beer teamed up with that Phil Knightly!’

Lauren says - ‘Oh for heaven’s sake!’

Keith and Lauren

"Well we had an absolute ball when Keith Donnelly and Lauren South headlined February's CVFolk ‘2nd Sunday’ event at the Albany Theatre, Coventry. Having stepped in at relatively short notice, they performed a flawless and thoroughly engaging set, combining musical finesse with humour and warm audience rapport, proving themselves (if there would have been any doubt) that this is a star-quality act ready to take the folk scene by storm. It was our privilege that this was their first official and pre-advertised duo gig". - Pete Willow