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Whitby Folk Week 2018
Cosmotheka...no words....
Except, perhaps: UNBEATABLE!

- Keith Kendrick

CosmothekaFollowing the rapturous standing ovation given to COSMOTHEKA at the 2017 Bromyard Folk Festival 50th anniversary, Dave & Dan Sealey, together with their great mate, Adam Barry, have been catapulted back into the limelight, back into the rough and tumble working class world of the Music Hall. Rubbing shoulders with comedy giants like Gus Elan, Harry Champion, and the rest, they’ve picked up the trail, first blazed by Dave and his late brother, Al, leading to‘sweet Saturday a bellyful of, “Boiled Beef and Carrots”, a bellyful of ale, and a bellyful of laughs at some of the greatest songs ever written And now, like all time travellers, they’re back, and they’ve brought those wonderful songs back with them. For Cosmotheka, these absurdly comic masterpieces are no longer yesterdays….they’re todays….


From 1972 to 1999, Dave & Al Sealey were Cosmotheka. Performing the songs of the Music Halls, they were considered by many to be the finest interpreters of the genre, and appeared at venues across the country and around the world. There were numerous radio series and television appearances. Their roots, however, remained firmly in the world of the people's entertainment: the upstairs room at the pub, the folk festival, the village hall.

Since the tragic death of Al in 1999, Dave Sealey has returned to the stage in many collaborations.

Cosmotheka Dave and Al Sealey


And Today

Now Dave is back with his son Dan, former bassist with Ocean Colour Scene, and Adam Barry. They present a brand new show performing the songs of Cosmotheka. Yes, the next generation is stepping up.

Expect a lot of the old songs, with more instruments and a new twist.

Dan's guitar skills and dry wit introduce a compelling new dimension to the Cosmotheka collaboration. As instigator of the new venture, Dan is determined to drag his crusty, ancient, musical relic of a father shouting and bawling into the twenty-first century. So far, he's winning hands down. What on earth would Harry Champion say?



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MAY 2019

Furness Tradition Concerts, Ulverston. Laurel & Hardy Museum, The Roxy, LA12 7AH

Coal Aston Village Hall, Eckington Rd, Coal Aston, Dronfield S18 3AX